Friday, November 17, 2006

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On 1st January 2007, Labyrinth by Arunabha Sengupta was ranked no. 26 on the best seller list of in the technothriller category.

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- A Novel by Arunabha Sengupta

Learn Tamil in Thirty Days
One Hundred and One ways of Getting Married
The Book of Indian Cookery

Who would submit bills of these titles against a grant meant for big, fat, jargon-filled books on Software Technology?
But, then, Vikram Gupta is no run off the mill Software Professional.

Fresh out of college, highly qualified, in great shape and intelligent, he is employed by ACS, the biggest name in the Indian Software World. He is the archetypical image of a young man with a glorious future ahead of him.
Yet, he has his problems.

He loathes his job, abhors everything about Chennai and hates the guts of his reporting boss. And more importantly, he has the questionable gifts of eccentric logic, irreverence for authority and a macabre sense of humour, which more often than not, place him on sticky wicket.

As the year 2000 approaches, accompanied by the dreaded Y2K bug, ACS goes about its customary way of getting innumerable projects done dirt cheap by employing fresh graduates whom they can brow beat, bully and exploit. However, in Vikram Gupta, they run against something they have never encountered before.

Within the spic and span corridors of the multinational firm, Vikram discovers conspiracies that threaten to spell doom for the hordes of young people recruited by the company. And he pits his eccentric wits against the cold-blooded deviousness of entrepreneur-par-excellence S.Digambaram, the EVP of ACS Chennai. Somehow long the line, he also manages to fall in love. But, can a sole youth, even aided by cupid, succeed against a giant corporate?

An uproarious rollercoaster ride encompassing the deepest secrets of the software world just before the turn of the century. The technological landscape is etched with numerous colourful characters from all walks of life… A hilarious take on the infamous Bond policies and the Y2K scenario.

"A true picture of the Indian workplace ... A refreshing sense of humour" - Shyamala Narayan in Book Review India
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Bowled Over ~ Stories Between the Covers by Arunabha Sengupta

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Stories - and more - dealing with snapshots of everyday life - in each of which Cricket plays a subtle, and sometimes significant, part.

Holmes of the Raj - Vithal Rajan

Sherlock Holmes did have quite a few adventures in India ... and he came across Colonel Pickering, Palwankar Baloo and Dhyanchand among others. The stories have been recently discovered. A perfect delight.

The Mahabharata of Vyasa Collections - P. Lal

  1. The Complete Adi Parva - HB Rs. 1200, FB Rs. 800

  2. The Complete Sabha Parva - HB Rs. 600, FB Rs. 500

  3. The Complete Vana Parva - HB Rs. 2000, FB Rs. 1000

  4. The Complete Virata Parva - HB Rs. 400, FB Rs. 300

  5. The Complete Udyoga Parva - HB Rs. 1000, FB Rs. 600

  6. The Complete Bhishma Parva - HB Rs. 1000, FB Rs. 800

  7. The Complete Mausala Parva - HB Rs. 150, FB Rs. 100

  8. The Complete Mahaprasthanika Parva - HB Rs. 150, FB Rs. 100

  9. The Complete Svargarohana Parva - HB Rs. 150, FB Rs. 100

Wiser After - Short Stories by Eshwar Sundaresan The first published book of Eshwar Sundaresan, which began as a filler work to break free from the stoppages in his novels. His pet topics for homilies include corporate hoopla, modern Newspeak, India Apathetic, World Apathetic and the big Why of existence.

*Shakespeare's Daughter - CD Sidhu

Plays representing the various aspects of Charan Das Sidhu's life and work.

Hard Back Rs. 500 Flexiback Rs. 200


Other Titles:

* R.C.Shukla ~poems~ The Parrot Shrieks (HB Rs. 160, FB Rs. 100)

*Priyo Ghosh~Novel~YOU ARE FIRED (HB Rs. 350, FB Rs. 200)

* Michael Chacko Daniels ~poems~ SPLIT IN TWO (H Rs. 150, FB Rs. 100)

* Goyal, Chhavi ~poems~ NOT SO FAR AWAY (H Rs150 F Rs 100)

* Islam, Kabirul : ~poems~ SELECTED POEMS (transcreated from Bengali by Ketaki Kushari Dyson) (H Rs100 F Rs 80)

* Lal, P ~memoir~ A TRIBUTE TO UTPAL DUTT (H Rs 50, F Rs 40)

* Maini, D.S. ~essays on society~ THE DREAM OF POWER (H Rs 250, F Rs 200)

* Sarma, Dibajyoti ~ poems~ GLIMPSES OF A PERSONAL HISTORY (H Rs 150, F Rs 100)

* Sengupa, Arunabha ~fiction~novel~ LABYRINTH (H Rs 450, F Rs 250)

* Sengupta, Arunabha ~fiction~stories, etc. BOWLED OVER - Stories Between the Covers (H Rs 200, F Rs 150)

* Sidhu, Mona ~poems~ A REASON TO LIVE (H Rs 120, F Rs 80)

* Singh, N.P. ~poems~ MILLENIUM BLUES (H Rs 180, F Rs 100)

* Subramanian, N.V. ~fiction~novel~ UNIVERSITY OF LOVE (H Rs 350, F Rs 200)

* Sundaresan, Eshwar ~stories~ WISER AFTER (H Rs 225, F Rs 150)

* Swamy, K.R.N. and Meera Ravi ~true stories~ BRITISH GHOSTS AND OCCULT INDIA (H Rs 300, F Rs 200)

* Bhattacharya, Susmita: ~poems~ SELECTED POEMS (transcreated from Bengali by various hands) (H Rs 150, F Rs 100)

* Moffitt, John ~poems~ THIS NARROW WORLD (transcreated into Bengali by D.N. Das/Bilingual) (H Rs 150, F Rs 100)

* Mohanty, Surendra ~stories~ THE COLOSSUS (H Rs 100, F Rs 80) 2001

* Roy, Rammohun : THE COMPLETE SONGS (bilingual edition, transcreated by Nikhiles Guha) 1973/2002

* Sawant, Shivaji ~fiction~novel MRITYUNJAYA: THE DEATH CONQUEROR (Boxed, inscribed Collector's Edition) Rs 800